Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lookout Duggar Family Cause Here I Come!

So I'm not even close to having 18 children, but I did manage 5 Children today. Nor do I ever think that I could be able to pull my stuff together to run a house of 20 people. You wouldn't need to force me into that padded room. I would have no problem checking myself in.

I got up before my alarm even went off today. Kissed Mr. Montana goodbye had a cup of coffee and showered before my kiddo's were even up!

Starting at 7am I had a 5 week old, a 2 year old, a 3 year old, a 4 year old and a 6 year old. Everyone ate breakfast before 8am, we even got School work done today before lunch time.

Our easy going and very productive morning ended with Lunch at noon. Followed by all 5 children taking naps. OMG I Taylor got Chloe to sleep within minutes along with a newborn and 3 other children! Shouldn't there be someone handing out gold star stickers to a certain someone who ROCKS today?

Okay so in a perfect world all children would have slept in their beds. In this house that never happens, so this shouldn't be a shock to anyone. My afternoon break consisted of me holding a baby and my baby for 2 hours while they slept.

Not to bad for a first day, but that is only half of my day really.

Somehow between everyone getting up from naps and the writing of this blog. I managed to cook dinner from scratch, give all 3 of my children a bath, clean the kitchen and have time to blog. My house looks like it did before the day even started....

How that even happened I have no idea with kids running around playing all day long somehow it remained picked up. And yes I have looked on the second floor and no it doesn't look like the notorious Swecker Family Bomb has gone off.

I do have to say while it is very nice to have a new baby in the house and tons of kids running around. I must say at the end of the day my 3 kiddo's are just the right amount of noise in this house. Plus I'm getting my baby fix only two days a week, I'm getting paid for it, I get to send the baby home at the end of the day, plus I get to sleep all night long!!!!

Until Next Time,
One Rockin MOM

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mimi said...

I love you Taylor,I'm soooooo proud of you! Mimi