Monday, February 16, 2009


While I was getting ready to sit down and write a lovely post on how it has been 366days since Chloe was last in the Hospital.

Ever since the birth of Chloe our youngest Valentine's day has gone from flowers, Chocolate, and sweet cards to....

Glue like boogers, Flem filled coughs and the art of throwing up all over mom being mastered without getting an ounce on herself.

While this is the first year we have all been together for Valentines day since Chloe was born. I cant say that this is the first year that she hasn't been sick for it. Her very first V-day was spent at Children's Hospital with RSV. It was a very long 6 days of booger sucking and never sleeping because nurses were in and out all night long. Forget any romantic gestures of any kind I was lucky to spend more than 10 minutes on the phone with Mr. Montana before my sweet baby was being bothered for the nine hundredth time that day.

Her Second V-day was spent at Children's yet again this time for 8 long days with Phenomia. It felt a bit like a deja vu' we had all the same nurses and doctors. We were in the same room where I wasn't even allowed to leave. Everyone dressed up as if Chloe was infected with some rare disease. I thought we were moments away from being sealed into a room where things were passed through a little room where they could be decontaminated before entering or exiting the room. Mr. Montana did stop by with a normal meal for both Chloe and myself on V-day, but we were lucky we even got that. He had to hurry before the big kids were out of School.

This year was the first year spent at home in the last 2 years, but last night while at Dinner Chloe was sitting so sweetly, giving me lovin's and could care less about the candy she had just got from Grandma. I guess this should have been my first clue that there was something wrong. Moments later I was covered in my sweet baby girls Chocolate Milk and popcorn that she had eaten early in the day. I felt so bad for everyone sitting around us trying to have a nice dinner. The poor guy that was waiting on us wasn't sure what to say or do. I don't think I have ever said "Sorry" so many times in my life.

Who knows maybe next year we will all be healthy!!!!

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

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Bevy said...

Sorry to hear about Chloe - I hope she was feeling okay later. :) Too much crap for lunch etc? Sensitive stomach huh?
Here's to healthier times.