Friday, November 20, 2009

Done, Check and Almost There

Wedding is done and over with!
Thank goodness cause it was starting to make me crazy.
I'm a planner and when planning was out of my hands in placed in the loving hands of someone else. I thought about taking up drinking.

Now that we are at the End of November we have a good bit of school work for the year under our belts. While my children have no idea that in "Real School" kids get to take days and weeks at a time off for Holidays and other countless things. That is something we will not be doing... NO I'm not going to force my children to get their school work done on Thanksgiving or make them finishes all their Math before they can open whatever Santa decides to bring them for Christmas.
Even though we do our school work almost daily. I'm still searching for a better system than we are using now. I feel like every morning I run around like a Chicken with it's head cut off. Getting everyone set up for morning School work. Then just as I get them set up turn around to get things together for the next lesson they are done before I have even had a chance to take a sip of my coffee.

Oh how I envy in Duggars for having a smooth rolling homeschooling experience. Maybe by the time Avery is 10 or so we will have a good system in place.

"Hair Pulling"

If I could only get everyone moving today. That includes myself...
Our List of things to do today:
School Work
Shop for Chloe's 3rd Birthday Party
Clean some more
Get ready for Chloe's Party
School Work
More Laundry
School Work
Shower's for everyone
Make Dinner
Eat Lunch as some point
Buy Ear plugs ( My kids are far to loud today )
Give the pups a bath

and really the list could go on forever.

So this weekend I need to get together a list for Thanksgiving and we are hosting like we do every year.
Get the house ready or at least ready enough so I don't want to die when I have a house full of people tomorrow.

I wish I could just hire a team of people to do all of this for me!
If that were only possible.

Don't even get me started on Christmas. Every year I promise myself I will be done with all my shopping by the end of October. Well it's the end of November and I haven't even thought about it yet.

"More Hair Pulling"

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

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Anonymous said...

Well on your list you got BLOGGING accomplished - check! ;)

You like the Duggars too? I try not to miss a show and sometimes watch them over again. I don't things run that smoothly ... :)