Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dear Aunt Flow

My Dear Sweet Aunt Flow,

I'm writing in regards to your most recent visit. Once upon a time I might have enjoyed or maybe enjoyed the idea of you. Now that I have 3 children and no plan on having anymore why must you return? Better yet why did you visit twice this month? You Scare my Children, Family and Friends. Plus you come with no warning.

Next time you decide to stop by please do not bring along the following...

Mood Swings
Food Cravings (There isn't enough Chocolate or Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips in the world)

If you are able to obied by my "rules" I might allow you to keep stopping by every month for the next 20+ years. I just ask that you keep your stay to 7 days or less and only come once a month. My housekeeping is starting to lack and your making it impossible to stay on a diet.

Just remember to not over stay your welcome and leave your baggage at home!

Until Next Month,
Just MOM

PS. If only I was as happy and looked as good as this women did when you are here.

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