Friday, June 27, 2008

Komo News 4 and my Sweet Baby Andre

Everyone should check this out.

TACOMA, Wash. -- Baby Andre Mosesly is only 2 years old, but he already understands what it's like to be in serious pain. Andre was born with an infections smile and a kidney disease. His kidneys failed to clean his blood or remove toxins and fluids, so surgeons removed them.Baby Andre handles his daily dialysis sessions like a pro. With a little help from mom, who distracts him during the painful procedure, he manages to stomach the treatment even grownups dread. "The last two years he's been in the hospital almost every single day," said Korbett Mosesly, his father. At his young age, Andre is about to get a second chance at life. In two weeks his mother will give him one of her own kidneys. "It just means I'm going to have a normal baby," said mother Andra Mosesly. "That's the most important part is that my son will be able to play in the water, and take a bath and do the things normal kids do."Giving Andre a chance to live a normal life will solve just one of Moseslys' worries. The mounting bills have left them clinging to the one thing they still have -- hope. "We don't have anything. We don't have anything," said Korbett. Both Korbett and Andra have taken medical leave. Dad even quit college four credits shy of a degree. Between dialysis, driving to the hospital and rearing their two other children, there's not much time left for work. "Next month we're not going to have any income and, as scary as it sounds, I know it'll be OK," said Korbett. But the reality of family's struggles are apparent, even to Andre. The boy already knows things no 2-year-old should have to learn. He can even say the word "hemodialysis."Children's Hospital is covering Andre's medical expenses. Anyone who wishes to help the Moseslys with other expenses can donate online.

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