Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sweet Baby Andre

I was sent this today from my best friend Andra. Who will be giving her Son Andre life a second time July 9 2008. If you would like to know more about Baby Andre and his amazing life or to learn more about Organ Donation. Please feel free to email me.

Oh there were also great pictures that I was unable to post here. So if you would like to see the original message just let me know.

Thanks for Reading,
Just MOM

This Saturday is Andre's Party! He is Two years old. His Brothers are Kaisean(5) and Deanon(4). He was born with a Kidney disease, congenital nephrotic syndrome, and after 1 year of surgeries and albumin infusions three hours a day 7 days a week at Mary Bridge Childrens Hospital we had to remove his kidneys. Since Andre has no Kidneys he has been doing hemo-dialysis 5-6 days a week at Seattle Children's Hospital awaiting Transplant.

If it were your son and family . . .

what would you do?

As a father faced with something I cannot change, I've done the best I could and changed the things I can. Including changing my community. I've given a lot through Message Magazine and anywhere I could, hoping the more I gave the more I wo uld be successful and provide for my family. Andre has given me broad shoulders, cause nothing that I can go through can compare to what he must. What I have to teach my boys is that no matter what the must keep moving with there dreams and be happy. I met another mother thats daughter past away from kidney disease, yesterday. A hard reminder of how serious kidney disease can be. Mothers and Father aren't supposed to outlive thier kids. I remember the Dr. saying often if we don't do this surgery, line placements, nephrectomy, Andre will die. . . Now how does that sound, "He's one years old". I told them "my wife didn't give birth to a kidney disease, his name is Andre, he's my little boy, what do we got to do". On July 9th Andre will have a kidney disease from my wife, Andra and it will be a success, but Andre will have many surgeries in his life and need a little extra to grow. He is my blessing! A singer, dancer, thinker, tough, destined to solve problems in the world. He is funny, intellegent, a real talker, love to hug, and says hi to most every one he sees.

I need your help! . . . and I'm willing to pay back your support by working to build a better community. That is my offer that I have a proven ability to do so. Help me take care of a trying time with my family and I'll give you me. Here's what Iv'e done this year for my community.

printed 15 editions of Message Magazine to "inspire, educate, and promote growth" on issues from homelessness, to donating/volunteering, supporting community events and family activities. To many examples to name but printed well over 100,000 copies. Supported small businesses and social/community issues. Organized Men in Action 125 men of color to address issues that affect men in our community. Started a Message Magazine Young Writers Challenge rewarding y oung writers (our first winner wrote about a young girl from the Gaza strip). Highlighted many young writers. Volunteered time to help out creative tacoma, drug free communities campaign, disporportianate minority contact, and other events. Worked with youth in our area to build a youth led media magazine they plan to release in September. Conected with Washington Society of CPA's, to give high school student money for writen about saving money, we awarded over 1,000 dollars to high school students last week. Working to organize a community rebuilding campaign with MLK housing in a week long campaign fixing windows, fences, painting, and yard work. Discuss topics about legislation, education, and oppotunities to youth. Created a youth magazine last summer with Youth. Helped promote the Pierce County Jail Forum. . . . I've been doing my part and still made my family first reading books, involved in their school, coaching soccer, . . . doing my best.

I've been giving! Now I'm asking for your support! Please Send and In-kind Donation to the Mosesly Family 1915 South L St. Tacoma, WA 98405 or Come by this Saturday at Peoples Park as we celebrate Andre's upcomming transplant donate and meet our family. I put together a free event for the community with entertainment, music, a 40ft blow-up obstacle course for Kids, fire truck and special appearances.

My offer again is support my family and I will continue to give the community everything I can . . .

I have alot more to give, thats why God Gave me broad shoulders, not literally, but I will never give up, I will make a difference!



What if it were your son or Daughter?

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