Thursday, June 5, 2008

What is a girl to do?

It's Thursday already and I haven't done a single thing is this darn house of mine.

Over the weekend we painted the walls the very most perfect shade of yellow. Thank you April at Parker Paint and yes you were right. Now I just need to find something else to cover that nice hole above my fireplace. So my oh so beautiful rug can go into my kitchen where it belongs. I have an even better idea maybe we could patch the hole, and then I wont have to find something large enough to cover it!

So it's not even 9am yet. I have done 2 loads of laundry the kids have all had breakfast twice. I am on my second cup of coffee. I decided to take a run up to the second floor to check out the playroom. A place that I try not to step foot into the room is covered with land mines ( matchbox cars ) and other great things to step on. I have no clue as to what to do in that room. It looks like a bomb has gone off. Too bad there isn't a team of people you can call to help with relief efforts. How would one search for that. Google? Maybe the yellow pages?
"playroom disaster clean-up"
This is how I picture it....
A bunch of people sitting around answering frantic phone calls from thousands of mothers all around the globe who's husband is about to come home and you just know that the question will be asked " What did you all do today"? So all women and children are in a hurry to make sure everything looks like it did before he left. Maybe there will be a number you can dial like 411.
So I pick up the phone dial 123 and the line is ringing.....

" Playroom disaster hotline, whats your emergency"?

At this point they dispatch a cleaning crew. I'm told for an extra fee they will do children's bedrooms as well. If there is time.... A Chloe bomb just went off now there are toys all over the stairs. I wonder if that was included in my yearly fee to Playroom Disaster Inc. ? I wonder if any of their crew is skilled in home repairs?

Oh if that were only possible... I think every house wife and stay at home mom would be set. Just think about never having to pick up a toy again!

I would love to finish that off with Hubby walking into a clean house where all the children are happy and all smiles with a home cooked meal on the table and a pie cooling in the window.


Now that my hopes are up for a cleaning crew. I will turn into that crew myself once I figure out when I want to do something today.

Now for Kiddo News

Avery has two new dirt bike toys that he cant seem to stop playing with.

Bella cant wait until her party she is still trying to figure out how she is going to be 4.

Chloe well shes Chloe sweet as always. She got a new pair of shoes that she never wants to take off.

Well 4 cups of coffee later and a bit of make believe I am off to get this party started... If you want to call cleaning a party.

Until next time,
Just Mom

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