Friday, June 6, 2008

I should be doing something other than....

Reading other people's blogs and writing yet another one for today.

Maybe its because I feel I need to do things in 2's today.

I just made my second pot, yes pot not cup of coffee. I just started to dry the second load of laundry for the day.

While I sit here thinking about my caffeine addiction and how I should at the very least cut back. I cant help but wonder how in the heck to make my back porch look more beautiful and less like a Indian reservation. (forgive me father) I know that isn't the best way to put it, but that is how I think it looks. There are toys everywhere and I mean everywhere. Our ugly grass grows out of control its only been 5 days since it was last cut and it needed it cut 2 days ago.

Now I'm thinking that my blogging and doing things in 2's is borderline OCD. Maybe I should make an appointment. Maybe I'll skip that step and just ask for the padded room.

The Baby is eating Cheerios off the floor. No Mom I didn't just leave them there for her to eat. In fact when I took her out of the high chair there weren't any on the floor at all. They were stuck all over her rear end I figured that the dog would take care of it for me. Well they are falling off and shes eating them. I don't think she has sat down yet so they are close enough to clean and OK to eat.

WOW could I be anymore white trash?
White Trash Baby Momma addicted to coffee with OCD allows child to eat off the floor.

With all of that said.... I'm going to go put clothes away.

Until Next Time,
Just Mom

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