Wednesday, June 11, 2008

High Heeled Shoes and Speed Stick! Swimming in a Sea of LEGO's

Lets take it from the beginning.

Bella got a really cute pair of Sparkly Red High Heels and while I was trying to apply band aids to all of the "boo boo's" that had been caused from those great shoes. Chloe decided to get into things in the bathroom without my knowledge. Picture this Bella yelling "fix my feet, I must be fancy" while I chase Chloe around who is now laughing so hard she cant even run straight trying to get her to stop so I can remove the speed stick from her mouth.

The whole time Avery has no idea what is going on because he cant take his eyes off the Sea of Lego's on the table. Since we got home yesterday with his new "big boy" Lego's he has been building non stop. We just did our own episode "Cribs" in photo's for this blog.

( Thank you Tracy & Co. he really does love them)

I'm off to work on the never ending river of laundry.

Until Next Time,

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