Thursday, July 3, 2008

Cloudy with a chance of Monsoon

The Weather Channel:
Showers and Thundershowers likely with a high of 72F.

First off its cold I know its not even 10am yet, but I'm cold.
Second its like a monsoon out there.

I got up today walked into my kitchen then it hit me. We were out of cereal okay not fully out of it, but my children have decided that they no longer like regular life. So I loaded everyone up and decided to....

Are you sitting down?

Drive-Thur Mc D's for breakfast for the children. While I was ordering and I'm guessing this was my sign to just drive away. It was raining so hard and the rain drops were the size of golf balls I kid you not. Funny thing by the time I was ordering my breakfast ( Venti iced coffee with cream ) at Starbucks I think I saw the sun. Maybe I should just start giving the children coffee. Do you think it will help them help me clean?

I just wish the weather channel would have told me that not only was it raining today, but that we were going to get stuck in a lovely monsoon and not only is the whole drivers side of my car still wet. It made the ink on my punch card run.

What's a girl to do?

One last thing...
I think my 1 year old is speaking a foreign language. Does anyone know how to speak Chloe? Do you think Rosetta Stone offers that course?

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

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