Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vacation Bible School

Everyone was up early asking every 30 seconds if it was time yet.

We get in the car

We aren't even to the light yet...

Avery "Are we there yet?"
Mom " Does it look like we are there?"
Bella " Yeah"
Avery " No, Bella we aren't there yet"
Bella " I wasn't saying Yeah to you Brother"
Mom " If you knew we weren't there Avery. Why did you ask ?"
Avery " I couldn't help it"

So we pull up to the Church the kids are out of their seats in 2.2 seconds. I take them both in and get them to where they needed to be. Both of them so HAPPY they are there. I kiss them goodbye walk away and spent the next 3 hours in MOM Heaven! I forgot what it was like when it was just Chloe and I in the mornings.

After 3 hours of doing nothing besides playing with Chloe. I get the kids from VBS ask them how their day was and I get this....

Bella " MOM! why did you leave me here"
Avery " Do I have to come home? I had so much fun!"
Mom " Why are you upset Bella?"
Bella " I don't like it in this place, they all wear the same shirt"
Mom " Bella everyone has the same shirt because its fun "
Avery " I'm going to wear my shirt everyday! "
Bella " I am not going back and I am not EVER going to wear that shirt "
Mom " What did you have for Snack?"
Avery "Chocolate Pudding"
Bella " I didn't have snack, I had dinner and Vacation Bible School. I told them I wanted a snack,but they gave me dinner"
Mom " What did you have for dinner Bella?"
Bella "I had what Brother had"

At this point they started talking about something else. I left it along knowing that the only reason Bella was being that way because she was CRAZY tired.

After naps everyone is happy and cant wait to return to VBS tomorrow. And yes Bella asked if her shirt was clean so she can wear it.

Until Next Time,
Just MOM

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